The Third Annual ExtremeTech Case Mod Contest

The entries:

The TIE Fighter

The completed mod.


Side View of the TIE Fighter


The Motherboard

This view shows the motherboard before the desk was attached


The TIE Fighter in the Dark


Athlon Hamster PC

There's a real hamster living in this case -- and he's been there for a few years now. Before you get any crazy ideas about building one yourself, the creator did inform us, "The case is starting to stink."


Thought We Were Kidding?

Don't worry -- we've already informed PETA.


Fresh Off the Production Line

The only thing left to add is the top of the chassis.


A Star is Born

Aww, not camera shy at all.


PC Power

Li'l Buddy even has her own PC to play with.


The Sangaku Case Mod

It's a fusion of computer technology with Japanese the furniture-making tradition. Sangaku translates to "mathematics tablet" in Japanese


The Back of the Sangaku

The back panel was custom cut out of 1/4-inch plexiglass along with the system for holding the cards in, which was cut from 1/8-inch clear plexiglass


The R2-D2 Case Mod

R2-D2 attentively sitting at the desk.


Turning on R2

A look at the floppy drive, ports, fan speed button, and the power button.


A model posing with the bike

My wife posing with the object that kept me away from her for too many hours


Computer Bike gas tank & handlebars

Note the intricate circuit trace pattern and the integrated clock.


NESPC: Fully Loaded


NESPC: Back View


The Wall Crawler PC


Wall Crawler: Intel Outside


Mirage: Best of Both Worlds

Nvidia and ATI, MAC and PC, Windows and Linux, all tied together with water-cooling and hand cut acrylic


Mirage: Head On


I Screen, You Screen

This college-bound entrant included multiple mods, including a home-built rheobus, a scroll-out 5.6" LCD, and a top-mounted 8.5" Touch LCD screen -- a blast when you're playing Solitaire instead of studying for mid-terms.


The 800Mhz Teddy Bear

This cutie was a gift for its creator's girlfriend.


Cowabunga, Dude!

The whole rig came in under $800. Not bad for a first-time effort!


Crystal Power

Used every day to surf the Web and write e-mail, this custom-rigged case houses an early-edition AMD K6 20GB hard drive running Windows XP. Molded onto the top is a laser-fired quartz crystal that's wired to the hard drive.


Dive! Dive!

We think it looks like a deep-sea probe, but its friends call it "R2D2 with a tattoo."


No, It's Not a Gumball Machine

This custom-made rig is quite compact (check out the phone for comparision) and sports copper waterblocks for water-cooling, half-inch diameter silicon tubes, and an Abit VP6 Dual PIII motherboard.


Finding Nemo

What depth are we at now, Captain?


Pac-Man Fever

Do you have to drop in a quarter every time you want to boot up?


Arcade Madness

This baby took almost 800 man-hours to construct. It houses an Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard and Lite-On CD-RW and OptoRite DVD+/-RW drives (accessible through the coin slot).


Lord Vader, Your Case is Ready

Mostly polished acrylic and metal, this smooth and sleek rig will bring that damnable Rebel Alliance to its knees.


Big Blue

That is one big cooling fan.


You Modded My Battleship!

This entry is actually made from a replica of the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier, complete with sequenced runway lights.


Spooky Skeleton

Say cheese--there's a Web cam mounted inside the skull's eye.


Pagoda PC

This contestant really wanted to capture the look of an authentic Japanese pagoda, so he made his case out of made out of rice paper and traditional ash and cherry wood.


The Videophone Star

With his son in another state, this entrant wanted to build a PC with easy-to-use videophone capability. The LCD screen is located inside the clear acrylic case to "protect it from enthusiastic fingers."