The Combat Upgrade changed a lot. Here is a collection of important info on the changes.

Profession Roles

Don't expect a single player game. If you insist on going after the big game, you'll need company.
Find or form a group. Make sure it's varied. The new profession roles should be utilized:

There are more subtleties to the new profession roles... See the below link for more information, and a nice diagram:

The new roles of combat professions

Respecs were introduced to make up for the changes made to the combat professions. - Characters that were created prior to the CU has been given the opportunity to respec, meaning to trade their skills into different skills in order to try out other professions, in case they no longer like the profession after the CU changes.


Doctor buffs, in the sense that the veteran players know them, are gone. Doctors can still buff, but the effects are less noticeable, and a bit different.
Consequently, a lot of doctors left the profession, and those that didn't are not located in Coronet any longer, as doctor is now a combat profession. You may find a few buffing and/or healing in Dantooine Mining Outpost.

Entertainer buffs have changed as well. Players no longer have secondary stats, so instead of buffing these, entertainers can give you an inspiration buff. There are several types of Inspiration Buffs:

  1. Passive buff - The general inspiration buff: Watch/listen to any entertainer. - 10% xp and fp bonus while buffed.
  2. Artisan buff - The general crafting buff: Ask for this. - 12% xp bonus, 1% resource quality bonus, 5% assembly and experimentation bonus while buffed.
  3. Entertainer buff - For entertainers: Ask for this. - 12% xp bonus, allows the use of more advanced (by one level) props and instruments while buffed.
  4. Musician buffs - For Architect, Droid Engineer, Weaponsmith, Shipwright or Armoursmith: Ask for the profession you want. - 15% xp bonus, 2% resource quality bonus, 10% assembly and experimentation bonus while buffed.
  5. Dancer buffs - For Chef, Tailor or Bio-Engineer: Ask for the profession you want. - 15% xp bonus, 2% resource quality bonus, 10% assembly and experimentation bonus while buffed.
A thorough guide to inspiration buffs

Battlefatigue has been removed from the game.

Food buffs are also changed, and due to the reduction of doctor buff effects, they are more relevant now than before.
The type of effect you get from a certain food may no longer be the same as it used to be.

The Secrets of Good Eating - A guide to post-CU foods.

Combat and the Combat Level

The Combat Upgrade also introduced the Combat Level for players, and similar levels for mobs.
This is a system designed to focus your combat on the targets that are "interesting" to you. No more grinding quenkers or squills for xp...

If you kill a mob that is 5 or more levels below you, you will only get 1 xp for the kill.
If you kill a mob that is around your level, you get full xp.
If you kill a mob that is 5 or more levels above your level... You are a pro. That is very hard to accomplish solo.

Your combat level depends on the combat skills you have learned. The more combat skills, the higher your level.
At master elite, e.g. master rifleman, you are combat level 54...
The highest level reacheable is CL80. There are mobs with even higher levels, for groups of high-level players.

You can read more about what will influence your combat level here

A friday feature on combat after the CU


To complement the new roles, each combat profession gets access to a set of armor types. They can only wear armor of these types, and they need at least the novice skill from their (elite) profession, in order to wear it:

Reconnaissance Armor - BioEngineer¹, Pistoleer, Rifleman, Smuggler
Ubese, Tantel, Mabari, Kashyyykian Ceremonial, Ithorian Guardian, Marine Rebel (Factional), Scout Trooper (Factional)
Bonus: +1000 Energy ... Penalty: -1000 Kinetic

Battle Armor - Carbineer, Combat Medic, Creature Handler, Doctor, Fencer, Pikeman, Ranger, Swordsman
Padded, Marauder, Bone, Kashyyykian Black Mountain, Ithorian Defender, RIS (Quest), Rebel Battle (Factional), Stormtrooper (Factional)
No bonus, no penalty.

Assault Armor - Bounty Hunter, Commando, Squad Leader
Chitin, Composite, Kashyyykian Hunting, Ithorian Sentinel, Mandalorian (Quest), Rebel Assault (Factional), Shock Trooper (Factional)
Bonus: +1000 Kinetic ... Penalty: -1000 Energy

Teras Kasi Artist is a damage avoiding profession, that is played without armor.
¹) BioEngineers only receive hindrance mitigations equal to "basic" core armor.

The protection varies as you can see from the table below. But the max unlayered protection will always be 6000, there will then be modificers or penalties for the different types.
All armor in a given class can have the same stats regardless of armortype (Chitin ~ composite, e.g.) - only appearance changes!

type Basic Standard Advanced
battle 2000/2000/2000 4000/4000/4000 6000/6000/6000
recon 1000/3000/2000 3000/5000/4000 5000/7000/6000
assault 3000/1000/2000 5000/3000/4000 7000/5000/6000

The effective protection of armors has changed as well.
Before the CU, this was measured in percentages. After the CU there is an equivalent, but the cap is "60%" and the closer you get the less extra % you get from the next protection point. This is illustrated below:

1000 = 10.5%
2000 = 20.0%
3000 = 28.5%
4000 = 36.0%
5000 = 42.5%
6000 = 48.0%
7000 = 52.5%
8000 = 56.0%
9000 = 58.5%
10000 = 60%

More info on armor


You now need more than skills to wield a weapon - you need certain Combat Levels (CL) as well.

CL - Weapon available

1 Axe
1 CDEF Carbine
1 Corsec CDEF Carbine
1 Donkuwah Knife
1 Janta Knife
1 Stone Knife
1 Survival Knife
1 CDEF Pistol
1 Corsec CDEF Pistol
1 CDEF Rifle
1 Light Bowcaster
1 Wood Staff
1 C12 Fragmentation Grenade

6 Two-Handed Axe
6 Gamorrean Battleaxe
6 D18 Pistol
6 Gammorrean Battleaxe
6 DLT20 Rifle
6 DH17 Carbine
6 Janta Staff
6 Reinforced Combat Staff
6 Sword

7 DL 44 Pistol
7 DLT20a Rifle
7 DH17 Short Carbine
7 Metal Staff

10 Recon Bowcaster - Marksman Rifles IV
10 Two-Handed Cleaver
10 Vibroblade
10 Scout Blaster
10 Corsec Scout Blaster
10 E11 Carbine
10 Enhanced E11 Carbine
10 Lithitanium Carbine
10 SG82 Rifle

12 DL 44 Metal Pistol - Master Marksman
12 Two-handed Curved Sword
12 Grooved Two-Handed Sword
12 DX2 Pistol

14 Scatter Pistol - Novice Bounty Hunter
14 Massassi Knuckler - Novice Commando
14 Launcher Pistol - Novice Commando
14 Fragmentation Grenade - Novice Commando
14 Vibro Knuckler - Teras Kasi Novice
14 Gaderiffi Baton
14 Lance
14 Striker Pistol
14 Blaster Rifle
14 Lightning Rifle
14 Spaystick
14 Curved Sword

22 Cryoban Grenade - Explosives I
22 Heavy Acid Rifle - Heavy Acid Weapons I
22 Rocket Launcher - Heavy Incendiary Weapons I
22 Two-handed Kashyyk Sword
22 Kaminoan Lance
22 DH17 Pistol
22 Jawa Pistol
22 Nyax Sword
22 Rantok Sword

30 Alliance Needler Carbine
30 Beam Rifle
30 Blackbane Nail - Novice Fencer
30 Black Sun Executioner's Hack
30 Cryo Lance
30 Geonosian Carbine
30 Geonosian Sonic Blaster
30 Glop Grenade - Explosives II
30 Heavy Particle Beam Cannon - Heavy Beam Weapons II
30 Junti Mace Sword
30 Lifeblood Cleaver - Novice Swordsman
30 Light Lightning Cannon - Novice Bounty Hunter
30 Marauder Sword
30 Massassi Ink Rifle
30 Nightsister Lance
30 Shock Lance
30 Tangle Pistol
30 Zicx Bug Bomb - Explosives II

40 Imperial Detonator - Explosives III
40 Tenloss DXR6 Disrupter Rifle - Master Rifleman
40 Flame Thrower - Incendiary Weapons III
40 Flare Pistol - Strategy III
40 Blasterfist
40 Bothan Bola Carbine
40 Power5 Pistol
40 Death Hammer Pistol
40 Electric Polearm
40 Long Vibro Axe
40 Berserker Rifle
40 Geonosian Drill
40 Laser Rifle
40 Tusken King's Rifle
40 Curved Nyax Sword

50 Czerka Dart Carbine - Bounty Carbine Specialization IV
50 Thermal Detonator - Explosives IV
50 Lightning Beam Cannon - Heavy Beam Weapons IV
50 Scythe Blade - Master Sword Finesse
50 Laser Carbine
50 Two-handed Sith Sword
50 Nym's Slugthrower
50 Flechette Pistol
50 Kashyyk Bladestick
50 LD1 Rifle
50 Massassi Sword

54 Proton Carbine - Master Bounty Hunter
54 E11 Carbine MarkII - Master Carbineer
54 Alliance Disruptor - Master Combat Medic
54 Plasma Flame Thrower - Master Commando
54 Stun Baton - Master Fencer
54 Massassi Lancer - Master Pikeman
54 Variation of DX2 Pistol - Master Pistoleer
54 Assault Bowcaster - Master Rifleman
54 Renegade Pistol - Master Smuggler
54 E5 Carbine - Master Squad leader
54 Intimidator Pistol - Master Squad leader
54 Razor Knuckler - Teras Kasi Master
54 Republic Blaster - Master Pistoleer
54 Vibro Lance
54 DL44 Metal
54 DE 10 Pistol
54 Proton Rifle - Master Bounty Hunter
54 T21 Rifle
54 Acid Sword
54 Power Hammer - Master Swordsman

Any weapon that does not have a skill listed after it can be used by any class at all as long as they have the combat level to wield it. EG a CH/BE could use a T21 for example, or a DL44XT metal pistol. Note that the DL44 Pistol is listed at both levels 7 and 54 this is because the level 54 version is the DL44XT pistol not the basic DL44 (CL7) or the DL44 Metal pistol (Master Marksman)